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WEBISO automatically generates hyperlinks between the documents within a manual. For example, if the title of a document exists in the body of another document, WEBISO creates an automatic hyperlink to that document. This makes procedure manuals more useable by providing a fully-automatic cross-referencing system.

Integration of
graphical elements

Using WEBISO enables you to incorporate all kinds of media into your manuals. This includes pictures, images, video, sound, flowcharts and graphics. WEBISO is also integrated with graphics packages such as Microsoft Visio and iGrafx Flowcharter. Using these packages renders sub-elements in a diagram sensitive to hyperlinks. In this way diagrams can also be used to cross-reference to other sections of a document or to another document in the manual.


In managing procedure manuals, it is very important to be able to track the history of a procedure. Each modification to a document is stored in the database. WEBISO can display the delta, colour-coded for easy reference. It can also use the delta, or a number of deltas to roll back to a prior version. This means that the history of a document is at your fingertips. An overview of the different versions is available for each document. This history also details the author, the date of modification, the comments and the actions taken.

Visualisation of changes

Coloured text parts reflect the changes in documents (red for omissions, green for add-ons) in comparison with the former version.

Template driven

Document templates to fix the layout of your documents.
Manual templates to shape the look & feel of the intranet output.


WEBISO is a complete web-based intranet solution where both the consultation by the end users and all the opterations af a quality manager are fully handled via the intranet. WEBISO supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The application is continuously updated, also to the newer versions of the browser technologies.

Search engine

WEBISO’s integrated full text search engine enables you to quickly locate documents relating to a specific subject. By typing in a (part of a) word or set of words, all relevant documents will be presented, in the order of relevance. Other external search engines can also be integrated.

Email integration

WEBISO uses your corporate email system to send requests for approval. The documents themselves are not sent, only hyperlinks to the documents. This method is also used to notify relevant collaborators about modifications in documents and new documents being available.


In WEBISO various kinds of reports & statistics can be commited. E.g who has accessed which documents, which words have been sought for, which searches do not point to results,...

Multiple outputs

You may need to distribute your procedure manuals to different people in different formats. In addition to printing a manual, WEBISO can generate an HTML or PDF version. HTML is the web-based format best suited for intranet and extranet use. It can be consulted using a standard Internet browser. PDF is an electronic version of the printed document. It is difficult to modify once it has been generated. This format lends itself to distribution on a CD to people who are not connected to the network.


WEBISO has security modules at document level, user level, system level and reading level. All the security levels are easily configurable.


Use of reminder dates to prevent certain documents from remaining unchanged over time. Exactly what you need to make your document management system alive and kicking.


A QR code is generated automatically per each document. This code can be printed and fixed to a device, on apparatures, on objects,... Just scanning this code will guide you automatically to the newest update of the related document. In this way your end user does not have to look for the exact procedure to e.g. manipulate the object: scanning the code is sufficient.

External links

Hyperlinks to external documents and/or applications (=outside WEBISO) can also be established.
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