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Everyone who automates a management information system, knows that the creation and maintenance of hyperlinks is a very time-consuming job. Lots of them start with a lot of courage and good intentions, but give up after a while. In this way the advantage for the end-users, namely the linking of information in a user-friendly way, disapears completely! And management systems not able to link processes and procedures, will not be used properly.

In order to achieve this end-user-friendliness, WEBISO creates the hyperlinks automatically for you! In addition, the consistency of the hyperlinks is checked and adapted after each modification and publication. It doesn't matter wether you have 10 processes, 100 procedures or 10.000 documents, WEBISO creates automatically the necessary hyperlinks (based on the titles and names of your information). Moreover you can choose aliasses per document, that will also be linked to the related information.

This automatic hyperlink function can also be coupled to a specific style, so that you can define a glossary for example. The moment a term is defined somewhere in your library, it will be refered to automatically from wherever it has been mentioned.

This automatic hyperlinking function in WEBISO, garantuees that your end-users go toall necessary information very intuitively. And this comfort for your end-users doesn't need an administrator who manages all kinds of "lists of references". WEBISO makes "page not found" history!

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