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Companies do own lots of structured data (mostly stored in databases) and unstructured data (output, files, mails, incoming documents, …). Unfortunately the access toward these treasures of information is mostly prohibited by complex predetermined information technology structures, networking issues and mostly end-user unfriendly retrieval interfaces (SQL).

In order to organize themselves in a more efficient way, companies need a Single Point Of Consulting (the SPOC): a portal which secures and opens up these treasures of information for them when they need it, fast and anywhere.

Ockham’s special business expertise goes to electronic information gathering, storage and retrieval projects plus the set-up of intranet communication platforms (“information portals”) opening up this information. The SPOC will integrate or replace the old information gathering systems like (file) directories, email systems, archiving systems (be it paper or electronic), microfiche and microfilm, spool saving, printing and dispatching systems, faxes, copies, …
In such a way, SPOC becomes the beating knowledge heart of your company.

Ockham is your sound partner for the development of these storehouses based on intranet (internet) technology. Thanks to its vast expertise in software engineering, its elaborate application development portfolio and its professional result-driven skills of project leadership, the company can successfully design, develop and maintain your intranet and internet applications. We pay special attention to the correct architecture of your solution, scaleable to your business needs and to the use of reusable components in order to eliminate tedious maintenance afterwards. Besides we can integrate your existing applications into the new functionalities and possibilities without disrupting your existing systems.

Besides to Ockham’s home grown expertise, the company has a long-term relationship and partnership with the developers of the STARJET product family, enabling it to integrate this full-blown document management system into SPOC. In this way we build for you knowledge storehouses: information available anytime and anywhere, “information at your mouse click”.

For the project execution, Ockham takes full responsibility: be it assisting in the process change management, the upload or input of your data, the training of your users, the data processing, conversion and digitization of the existing systems or documents (Scanning, OCR, ICR, Image to Text/Word, Image to PDF, Image to EXCEL, Image to HTML/XML/SGML, Text/Word to PDF, Text/Word to EXCEL, Text/Word to HTML/XML/SGML, PDF to Text/Word, PDF TO HTML/XML/SGML, PDF TO EXCEL, HTML to XML).

Being one of the first expertise centers in Belgium with professional knowledge and expertise in Linux (, the Perl Object Language (, HTDIG (, PostgreSQL ( and having developed a development framework based on Open Source Components (, Ockham brings in value for your money.
Besides the company helps establishing and improving open standards at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C or The company’s own product portfolio WEBISO is being developed using the same architecture and means, giving Ockham an extensive knowledge base of the daily use and behavior of these components.

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