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STARJET is a Document Management System (DMS) which provides extensive functionality for producing, distributing, archiving and retrieving documents. It was originally created to simplify the management of electronic forms and their contents. STARJET encompasses all elements you may expect from a mature DMS. It enables you to create and manage dynamic documents, such as forms, invoices, pay slips, cheques, tax forms, labels and bar codes.

Designing electronic forms

Standard applications normally produce reports in pre-defined formats. STARJET enables you to design your own documents incorporating data from your standard applications. You create instructions which generate the document design you desire, using a graphical interface. You choose which font, colour, shading, logo, box, barcode, currency combination or mathematical operation to use. As documents are developed, the result of each action is displayed on-screen. A print preview of the final document can be generated using a ‘run’ option.

Integrating data

STARJET controls the mapping of variable data onto your documents. It acquires the data from the standard application output of production environments such as SAP, MFG/PRO, JDEdwards and Oracle. It recognises various data formats, including ASCII, SAP/RDI, XML, HTML, CSV and spool files.

Generating documents

Once you have designed your document, STARJET executes the data merge and generates your documents. It tests data content and can convert dates and currency values into text. External images can be included in documents, such as logos. The documents can then be printed, archived or electronically distributed.

Document distribution

Documents can be electronically distributed by STARJET in a number of formats, including ASCII, XML, HTML, EDI and PDF. The designation of a document can be determined by its contents. Conditional instructions can be used to manipulate data files. This means you can define scenarios to control production profiles for your documents or reports. Documents can be ‘pushed’ to recipients using email. This process can be automated using email addresses from the original data source.

Printing documents

STARJET generates PCL as its print format, ensuring optimum printer output control. It has been certified by all leading printer manufacturers as producing output at their maximum speeds. STARJET also provides queue and device management. A single access point controls and secures access to all network printers.

Archiving documents

STARJET provides extensive capabilities for storing and indexing your documents using minimum storage space. These include archiving outgoing documents (COLD) and incoming documents (LAD). For outgoing documents, STARJET stores the original application data structure separate from the formatting information. For incoming documents, it supports over 250 formats (e.g. JPEG, TIFF, PDF, Word, Excel and AutoCAD). STARJET archives, indexes and classifies scanned documents using automatic document recognition techniques (ADR).

Retrieving archived documents

STARJET rebuilds dynamic documents using original, archived, resources. Retrieval is fast, secure and flexible. It enables authorised clients to access, transmit and print archived documents, while controlling legally or policy-restricted information. If re-printed, the documents can be published with the addition of a personalised annotation, such as ‘duplicate’ or ‘original copy’. Documents can be accessed using built-in viewers either locally, via a LAN or WAN, or online, over the Internet. STARJET facilitates the production of tailored B2B and B2C services by providing extensive ‘push’ and ‘pull’ functionality.

Securing documents

In order to keep your documents confidential, StarSecure creates certified original documents with signatures, co-signatures, seals and stamps. Besides it controls the diffusion and the acknowledgement of them, plus it checks the documents integrity and let them view under their original format.
StarSecure-envelope can be set up as your own dedicated secure postoffice and is also available as ASP service.

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