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Companies own a lot of structured (mostly stored in databases) and unstructured data (invoices, files, emails, incoming documents). Access to this information is often restricted by complex information technology structures, networking issues and incompatible reporting tools (e.g. SQL).

In order to operate more effectively, companies need a single point of access – an information portal that acts as a gatekeeper to the information, securing it and enabling rapid access when required, and from any location.

Ockham’s business expertise encompasses projects concerned with the collection, storage, and retrieval of electronic information, as well as the creation of information portals to provide widespread access to this information. These portals integrate or replace old information storage systems like directories, email systems, archiving systems (paper or electronic), microfiche and microfilm, spool files, printing and dispatching systems, faxes, and copies.
In this way, these portals become the knowledge center of a company.

Ockham is an ideal partner for the development of these information warehouses based upon internet technology. Thanks to its considerable expertise in software engineering, its extensive application development portfolio and its results-driven project management skills, Ockham can successfully design, develop and maintain complex intranet and internet applications.

The most appropriate architecture is used for a specific solution, ensuring it is scaleable to a customer’s business needs. Working with reusable components enables low-maintenance applications to be created. Existing applications can be integrated into these new applications with minimum disruption to existing systems.

Ockham complements its own expertise with partners APPIC, the developers of the STARJET product family, and integrates the STARJET document management system into information portals. The result is an information warehouse, providing access anytime and from any location - information at the click of a mouse.

Ockham delivers turnkey projects, including change management, data uploading or input, user training, data processing, and conversion and digitization of existing systems or documents.

Ockham was one of the first Belgian centers of expertise in Linux (, Perl (, HTDIG (, and PostgreSQL (

Ockham’s own development framework was built using Open Source Components ( and Ockham continues to help establishing and improving open standards within the World Wide Web Consortium (

Ockham’s WEBISO application is developed using the same architecture and components, providing Ockham with extensive and up to date expertise.

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