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XAM in UNIX and POSIX compliant environments

XAM is the application integrator providing menu handling, security and communication services to your new and existing applications.
XAM enables programs of different origins to be treated uniformly. All applications installed on your system are accessible through a smart menu system, leading to greater user-friendliness and lower training costs.


Easily configured menus navigate end-users through their daily tasks, controlled by an ingenious security system.
The security system displays to the user the accessible applications only and thus hides the applications which he is not allowed to.


XAM manages groups of users in functions and groups of actions in categories.
Security is implemented by granting user groups (= functions) access to action groups (= categories).
This mechanism can be refined more thoroughly if the application uses information that is accessed via XAM. Security in other areas (time frames, terminal numbers etc.) is also available.
For application administrators, the security management of many widely spread out programs becomes easier.


"Difficult" tasks can easily be made more userfriendly by an administrator (e.g. cryptic UNIX commands can be easily "enveloped"). Besides XAM encapsulates the operating system in a co-operative shell.


XAM contains a powerful scripting language enabling the system manager to automate any sequence of XAM, UNIX, POSIX or PC commands. These can be nested in decision and looping constructs and enhanced by optional on-line parameter prompting.

Process Management

XAM allows tasks to be temporarily moved to the background while another task is active. The end-user is able to switch to the first task without loosing the original context.
This is not only advantageous for end-users, but it improves efficiency by saving time and precious CPU resources that are needed when restarting tasks.

Inter-process communication (exchange of variables and commands)

XAM offers the simple yet powerful capability to share memory between different applications, to exchange commands and to start other applications.
As a result applications communicate with each other by using the common XAM interface.


XAM comes with a complete and thoroughly documented library of function calls that can be used by programs. In this way all the services mentioned above are made accessible to application developers.

Application development and maintenance

XAM takes care of everything that should be configurable in an application and thus should not be hard-coded in the application. This provides great flexibility and efficiency in application maintenance.
Problems that reoccur in every application like menu handling, security and inter-process communication are solved with XAM once and for all. Otherwise, specific code for solving these problems should be written in each application. The advantage of using XAM instead is obvious.

Available platforms

  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • Tru64
  • MPE/iX
  • SVR4
  • Availability on other systems: please do request.


  • a user-friendly environment
  • savings in training time
  • savings in CPU-resources
  • full security management
  • efficient use of system resources: process management and data exchange
  • less coding: menus, security, interfacing
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