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SYDAID/C is a high level programming language for both business and technical applications. SYDAID/C enables you to develop portable software independent from the hardware platform, the operating system, the database and the user-interface technology.

Product Positioning

SYDAID/C is a powerful programming language generating optimized C code. The product consists of both a compiler and a run time library. SYDAID/C combines the advantages of traditional 4 GL's and 3 GL's.
The main goal of SYDAID/C is to allow developers to concentrate on their job, solving end users requests. SYDAID/C allows developers to solve the problems of end users without being restricted by the lack of capabilities and openness of 4 GL's nor by the lack of productivity of 3 GL's.

Product Features

  • powerful statements and data types (extended numeric precision, string, date, time)
  • excellent batch capability
  • automatic testing facility and friendly symbolic debugger
  • windowing user-interface and advanced scrolling
  • can produce module in sharable libraries
  • can call any existing external module
  • test coverage and performance tracing facilities

Language Concepts

  • event driven programming
  • automatic data type conversion (polymorphism) in expressions and argument passing (subroutine calls)
  • object based programming
  • code can be linked to visual screen objects
  • complete object navigation
  • persistency support
  • knowledge of the database objects
  • capability to save and restore object workspace
  • structure programming
  • declarative IO
  • late binding

Product Integration

SYDAID/C is open-ended and allows easy integration with other modules of the DECADE environment.

  • integration with SQLer allows easy access to relational databases
  • index/sequential access on IMAGE DBMS is available
  • integration with XAM (API-calls) allows menu handling, security and interprocess communication.
  • XGL, an open application generator, allows to generate SYDAID applications from a high level application description.

SQLer, XAM and XGL are covered in more detail in separate data sheets.


protection of investment:

  • SYDAID/C produces a clean and portable C code
  • SYDAID/C allows to reuse existing standards and products

return of investment:

  • less coding and less maintenance thus better productivity; easy prototyping
  • 3GL never necessary (but accessible if you really want to)
  • access to all system resources (ideal for system integration)


  • any kind of application domains can be considered

fast start up:

  • easy to understand and to learn

independent of:

  • database
  • operating system
  • terminal and GUI
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