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FSEDIT is a real full-screen editor for the HP 3000 machines targeted for the professional programmer.

FSEDIT is easy to use

Because FSEDIT can execute multi-programming executive commands, user-defined commands, and all user and system programs, it gives you a self contained editing environment.

FSEDIT is fast, really fast

FSEDIT's file loading and keeping is very fast. FSEDIT works at a glance.

FSEDIT saves time

FSEDIT's process-handling and programming capabilities save to time. FSEDIT generates COBOL code for IMAGE and VPlus and has also a built in compilation facility with a split-screen error display for most compilers on HP3000.

FSEDIT is open-ended

Unlike other editors, FSEDIT allows you to customize your system environment, to access SPOOL-files, to print internal files.

FSEDIT is multi-functional

Powerful text-handling capabilities make FSEDIT much more than an editor. It can be used for mailings, for outputting texts in pre-defined and variable formats, and for comparing different versions of files.

FSEDIT saves space

FSEDIT has an optional data compression facility that saves as much as 70 % of the disk space.


  • Single keystroke commands
  • Series of commands can be parked in a compound command
  • KSAM COBOL copy library from within FSEDIT
  • Time-consuming "keep" operations not needed when compiling, preparing and running programs
  • Absolute and relative addressing for both columns and lines
  • A 70% file compression
  • A time stamp can be added to each modification of a file, so changes can be kept track of date
  • Characters, words and lines can be added, modified or deleted within the file
  • Unlimited scrolling up and down the length of the file by using the editing keys
  • Text can be stored as macros in registers and regenerated at any time by means of variable input parameters
  • Split screen used for inspecting compiling errors, file comparison and copy functions
  • Easy tab settings
  • Forward and backward search with wild cards
  • Extensive block functions for find, change, join...
  • Printout preview facility
  • Programmatic access
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