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As a complement to its WEBISO solution, Ockham offers a full digital certification service. This service applies to certifications for quality, environment, health and safety. By taking advantage of this full-option service, you can now get certified electronically without hassle or headaches.

You may already have a set of documents, ready for your certification process; but you are concerned about the time it may take to upload them into WEBISO. Or, you may not have any of these documents ready yet, meaning that you still have to write them. The chances are you will need a specialised consultant to assist you in this time-consuming process.

To address both of these situations, Ockham has established strategic partnerships with specialist consultancies and agencies. Ockham will project manage the certification process from the first to the very last step. This includes assisting in the creation of the content, corrections, layout, translation and conversion. The result is a one-stop shop for your certification process.

If you have not yet started a certification process, Ockham can help you by gradually building up your quality manual, health and safety procedures, etc. You will receive a fully documented WEBISO system with all your documents ready to publish. Your users, their capabilities and all document access rights will already be in the system. Ockham’s one-stop shopping service is even multilingual, so every procedure requiring translation will be ready to publish into your WEBISO system in the appropriate language(s).

Just relax, push the publish button and see the WEBISO communication platform work for you. Enjoy the vast amounts of time you will save with this quick start-up, freeing you to focus on your core improvement processes.


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