Downloads & Demo INETD

The unregistered shareware version is limited in functionality to 1 server process. Aftrer registration we will send you a full functional version, not limiting the server processes to 1 but granting you access to 1024 server processes.

You are free to distribute or copy the unregistered shareware version of Inetd as long as you respect the copyright. This also implies that you are never allowed to reverse engineer or change any part of the code. 

If you register, please do not forget to specify your email address, so we can send your registration key as soon as possible. Multiple or corporate licence policies or source code licences are available on demand.

The price of an Inetd license is 99 EURO (or 99 US$) per license.
There is a policy of discounts for volume purchase contracts for multiple licenses (>100) being bought in one shot or for worldwide company licenses. Please stipulate if needed. Delivery and administration cost per order is 80 EURO (or 80 US$). Bank transfer costs are to be paid by the customer. Helpdesk assistance is provided at 1.500 EURO (or 1.500 US$) for 5 tickets for assistance. These tickets are on a "problem call-problem solve" basis, meaning that our support team provides you with a solution or helps you with a work-around.

If you want to buy this solution, please do send us an official order indicating:

  1. number of licenses and services needed
  2. invoice details: full address, person to be addressed to, telephone and fax numbers,... and -for European companies- your VAT number
  3. the serial numbers of the WINDOWS licenses of the machines you are going to use the software on
  4. the email address we can ship the licenses to.

The Inetd solution is supported on WINDOWS/NT, WIN 2000 and WIN/XP Pro. Please request if needed Windows 2003 server.

Click here to download a free trial version.

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