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The origins of Ockham go back to 1982, when it was part of the Vlaamse Uitgevers Maatschappij. Later it became a member of the Bekaert Group. It is now a privately-owned software and IT services company. Ockham specialises in mission-critical application development using honed technical skills combined with the latest technology. By working in close partnership with it customers, Ockham has gained an in-depth understanding of their industries and business requirements.

In order to maximise its added value, Ockham focuses on three areas:

Ockham - the origins of the name

The choice of the name ‘Ockham’ was inspired by William of Ockham. He was one of the earliest and greatest scholars of the Middle Ages. His work in logic was paramount, influencing modern logic and computer science. William of Ockham was born around 1285 in Ockham, a village south-west of London, England.

After joining the Franciscans, he studied at Oxford University and in Paris. He became one of the leading philosophers of his time. This set him on a collision course with Pope John XXII. He was summoned to Avignon where he was tried for heresy. The trial proved lengthy and inconclusive and he eventually fled to Munich. There he died circa 1349 before he was able to accept a reconciliation with the pope.

He is best known for his ‘principle of parsimony’, often called ‘Ockham’s Razor’. This states in Latin: ‘frustra fit per plura, quod fieri potest per pauciora’. In English, this reads: ‘it is vain to do with more what can be done with less’.

This principle is the basis of Ockham’s business philosophy, which is simple. Ockham provides clarity and vision in a world of increasing technological complexity. It supplies practical, well-designed solutions to its customers, giving them competitive advantage in their businesses.

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